Cupcake Decorating!

I was too excited to take a cupcake decorating class last week. It was at the Sono Bakery & Cafe in South Norwalk, CT. We were hoping that the class was going to be taught by John Barricelli, who worked for Ms. Martha Stewart and can be seen on Everyday Food, but he wasn't there. One of the bakers, Dana, was there to teach us and she was great! I wish there were more classes to take like this one. It was great to be behind the scenes in the massive kitchen and create these works of art. Just wanted to share them with you!

I'm keeping this one in the freezer, I was so proud of this one. You just used the petal tip with the curved top, and pulled the bag straight up.

This was a sunflower, using the leaf tip. The center is mini malt balls that they had for decorating.

This is one I came up with on my own. I used one of the star tips and the leaf tip.


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