Back from Vacation!

Well, I’m back from vacation. It was a wonderful time, and I know my mom had a great time (she’s still thanking me). The Grand Canyon was just grand. We actually stayed in a town outside of the Grand Canyon called Williams. Our hotel, the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, was just off Route 66. We were able to walk to the many restaurants and shops there. The people in the hotel and the shops were so nice and friendly, a stark difference from the grouchy people in the Northeast. We went to 2 restaurants that had the best food. One was called Pine Country Restaurant, and it was your typical comfort food place. We had dinner there the first night (we both got the turkey dinner — I know, boring, but it was delicious). But then we went for breakfast the next 2 mornings. It was unbelievable. If you like cinnamon rolls and French toast, then you would have loved the Cinnamon Roll French Toast. Can you imagine? I need to come up with a recipe for this (although it probably won’t be low-fat or point-friendly). The next night, someone recommended a restaurant that was part of a B&B called Buffalo Pointe. The restaurant part just recently opened. The steak was so tender and grilled to perfection. Plus the garlic mashed potatoes were so yummy. We felt so sick afterwards, but it was totally worth it!

The views at the Grand Canyon were spectacular. We took a great tour through Angel Gate Tours, which took us around the South Rim. They picked us up from the hotel and dropped us off in the evening, and in between they showed us beautiful vistas and even gave us a picnic lunch. If you are traveling to the Grand Canyon and are looking for a tour, book one through them, you won’t be sorry.

The latter part of our trip was to Las Vegas. The term “Sin City” also applies to the food. All we did was eat, but at least we made an effort and walked up and down the strip as much as possible. The buffet at the Planet Hollywood Resort, which is where we stayed, was amazing, at least for breakfast, that is. We ate just about everything, tasting and nibbling (and not counting points, not on vacation and not at this buffet).

All in all, it was a great time, and I really enjoyed spending the time with my mom. It was worth every penny to see her enjoy herself (she loves the slots!). Now it’s time to start the watching of the weight, counting points, and starting the exercise regimen. In my next life, I will be thin and eat whatever I want! But for now, I’ll create recipes that are better for me —and for you! I’ll post a new recipe tomorrow.


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