Stella D'oro 100 Calorie Breakfast Treats

I have to tell you about what I found in the aisle at the supermarket. When I was little, I wasn't the best eater, especially when it came to breakfast. Since I had to eat something, my mom would buy me cookies to eat (believe me, I was as skinny as a rail back then). Some of my favorites were from the Stella D'oro line.

I happened to be looking at the cookies as I was shopping last week and I looked down and saw the 100 calorie packs for the Stella D'oro Breakfast treats. I figured, why not give them a try?

They are as good as I remember them to be. The best part is that you get so much in that one little bag, you wouldn't believe it. Each bag is 2 points and it is very filling with a cup of coffee.

Now if they would only come up with the Swiss Fudge cookies in 100 calorie packs, but that would be about the size of a crumb!


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