Great Read!

Hey guys! I'm sorry I didn't post a recipe today, but I needed to boast about a book a co-worker lent me. It's called, I'm Not the New Me, a memoir by Wendy McClure. It is all about her struggles with her weight, but in a very funny, blog-style format. She talks about how her weight has always been an issue, as a child and as an adult, and her constant battle with food (she even takes her Weight Watcher Food Companion on a road trip and will only stop at a rest stop if the eateries are in the companion). There are even some old WW recipe cards featured (just for the outrageous photos and not for the disgusting recipes featured; I can't believe that WW created those recipes, but it was the 70s). It is hilarious and at the same time heart-warming how she inspires hoards of people with her weight-loss odyssey. Anyone on Weight Watchers will appreciate the many references to points and food strategies. It's a great read!


clark said…
you're welcome! ;)

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